/> The True Role of a Guru | How Does Guru Help You in Your Life



The True Role of a Guru | How Does Guru Help You in Your Life

The True Role of a Guru | How Does Guru Help You in Your Life

Sadhguru metaphorically explains the true role of a Guru in a seeker’s life, and how every human being can play their role in life to the hilt, without losing sight of the “projection room”! The only requirement, he emphasizes, is to hold the hand of the director.

The job of a guru is an unpopular job.

It’s like taking your trip to the guest room. You can control the cinema the way you want. You can retire to watch a movie. The sun never sets, but what a glorious deception!

So, from small things to big things, from the smallest things in our lives to the biggest things you see there is a series of deceptions.

To be able to see the deception from the background… If you have ever been in a theater, not… Well, even the theater, the drama is real, what happens there; but just one light bulb and two revolving wheels.

If you go to the guess room and see, it's just one lamp and two wheels spinning, that's all.

What a drama! Love will happen, war will happen, war will happen, peace will happen, and even enlightenment will be possible. But it is only a light bulb with two wheels.

It’s more realistic because this is a five-game play. Not to mention ... Someone who doesn't like the game or the cinema is stupid, but getting caught up in a game or a movie is a huge fool.

Someone who has been able to enjoy playing to the highest level but never, ever caught up in a process, who understands that it starts with an ad and closes with headings… Have you ever seen articles in a cemetery?

All the characters are still there.

If you don’t understand, it’s just a play in the middle, if you get caught up in the game, that’s when a lot of non-realities become real and the real reality will be completely lost.

Therefore,… guru's job is unpopular. It's not like taking you to movies. It’s like taking your trip to the guess room.

But I promise you, if you behave well, I will take you to the movies. So, why should we destroy the beauty of a movie by going into a guessing room and seeing that there are no brave men there, no beautiful women there, no big drama there, only two wheels and a bulb.

Why should one end the beauty of cinema by going to visit a guessing room?

If the cinema were about other actors, we wouldn't have to, we wouldn't just enjoy the movie, but the problem is, you have a role to play. It’s best to know that it’s only two wheels around and a light bulb.

If you were just playing some characters and you could sit in your seat and watch and throw the corn, then we would just ignore the guess room, enjoy the movie, who the hell cares about how it comes about.

But now you have a role to play and if you don't hold the director's hand ... If the director doesn't hold the actor's hand, even the stars, the most famous stars will be a complete chaos.

So no matter how smart you are, how talented you are, if you don't hold the hand of the Creator, your life will be completely chaotic. It doesn't matter. If you succeed, there will be only one type of frustration; if you fail, it will be another kind of chaos.

If you can play this game, if you know how to play your role and still be aware of the guessing room equipment, then you can control the cinema the way you want.

If you hold the director's hand, then it would be a great thing!

And above all, you can retire and watch a movie.

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