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Is it Possible to Predict Your Future?

Is it Possible to Predict Your Future?

So Brigu was one of the foremost researchers in the future.

He predicted that he was talking about himself, not about humanity, about how we would change what we were going to do and whether a combination of many permits, if any, would come to them.

If they were this kind of what would come to them like this he wrote a map. I want you to see this as a drawing, let's say you make a drawing of air movement here low pressure happens it means we know that the wind will move their high pressure happens it means we know that the wind will move from there.

So you make a map of the human consciousness if you are going to move here you will go into this kind of womb and you will drag this kind of thing this thing that is going to happen that will obviously go to the whole thing.

So bhrigu-Samhita was called this is a map of human knowledge until the end of this solar system how people will change what kind of people will come what things will make how to read this trained people if a wide map is made of something if you think you are taking even if you have seen a geographical map, not a typical map you have ever seen a geographical survey of India.

The United States has this thing you have seen these maps it will take a certain amount of training to read the map everything is written there or you have seen really complex aeronautical maps.

If you want to fly from one part of the world to another there is a map of the plane unless you are well trained I have passed these tests and passed the exams but I do not think I can also wander from here.

Suppose South America succeeds because the planet has its orbits changing time.

So while writing this comprehensive map of human knowledge you trained people with a certain heart rate to read this because this was not all logical so these people keep this tradition and come and no matter how you believe they will say things on your face that will make you feel stupid right it is true.

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Unfortunately, go and sit there in front of Nadia the first thing that will scare you as she said she will tell you your mother's name and your father's name, you're done already because you're from somewhere else.

No matter if you are from another country you will tell the first letter she may know you are Suzanna or your Tanya I may not know you will say your name starts with a T just like that.

Because he doesn't look at your background or your future nothing you read the map by reading the map he says ok this is the temperature rise this is it but an accurate map unless you are in a certain situation he can't do that.

So it always has to happen near the temple where this temple was made for and it often happens that now for the commercial gain they are working everywhere it may not work much but there are others who are there.

But if you are on the spiritual path you will refuse to predict your future if it is real every time you go on telling your future that means you are not there yet so a planned future is not something that someone else has fixed your karma.

So your software is in a certain way, so naturally, it will work that way.

Let's say you have some kind of software on your computer and whatever you do will do the same thing. But I can hit the computer and stop it, but if you open it on the same hard drive the same thing will make you come to the new computer.

So if you want I will tell you if I tell you that you live 80 years and jump off the mountain today a new computer will buy you sometime later but the same hardware-software instead the same thing will never happen anything new, so they want that aspect of life and try to translate it naturally which is an explanation where there may always be an error.

That translation may not always be right but reading is basic learning what height is this is what is right now to translate the technology of an individual and not everyone can translate in the same way so all this science is well developed but if you are on the spiritual path they will refuse to say it.

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