/> International Day Of Yoga | Enhancing Your Immunity & Equanimity



International Day Of Yoga | Enhancing Your Immunity & Equanimity

International Day Of Yoga | Enhancing Your Immunity & Equanimity

Namaskarm once again the 7th international day of yoga, the 7th anniversary of the possibility that yoga may be accepted as an internal social science. It is not a religion, not a system of beliefs, not a philosophy or a theory but an internal social science as there is an external social science. This is the science of internal welfare. On this day, more than 15,000 years ago Adi yogi turned south as the Sun's path towards the planet turned south on this day.

Called the summer solstice on this day, he turned south and began to practice the science of yoga. So this is the day declared as International Day of Yoga this global yoga day is more important than ever. Just because of this epidemic, we have seen as a generation of people how our lives can be changed just by looking down.

Suddenly without warning, a pandemic, so at a time like this the structure of a strong and resilient body, a happy and focused mind, and unstoppable energy within you are very important to fight this external attack.

What scientists predict may happen, again and again, however, the epidemic is not over. We cannot say that this is due to the epidemic, this is still an epidemic, we have seen 2 waves in India and around the world and in many different countries.

Officials in charge of this field of life virology say this could last much longer than we thought. It is therefore very important that we build a plan, build a strong body, and a balanced and happy mind. In order for us to get through this difficult life, we ​​have a small amount of distortion in our life, so yoga is very possible.

Yoga is not an easy way to exercise. This is a complex way of understanding the machines of human existence, how they are made, and how we can take them to the highest level.

The word "Yoga" literally means association. That means we carefully demean the boundaries of our personality so that we know the nature of our lives. How can we be here like this piece of life in this cosmos?

We can see the whole universe here in this moment of time. We can experience the eternal nature of this life.

It is possible that India is contributing to the whole world. There are already health benefits. There are a variety of other factors that complement even the most cohesive organizations for sustainable development goals.

This can be a very effective tool, health care must go, health and well-being, we must understand that it can only come from us. Doctors and scientists can help us when we are sick but health is not something that will ever come to us from a doctor or medical professional. It is something that should emerge from within us.

If we understand this, health does not just mean being free of disease. Life means you are at the point of life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. In the event of your presence, this is life and we should not aim for anything less than that.

Yoga has great power, yoga has the science and technology needed to bring you where These self-improvement tools, these social technologies should be used by everyone in their life.

We in particular are in the midst of this epidemic, of this destructive world we are in now, we have made a small package. Which will improve your immune system and mental balance in your mind. and vibration in your body.

This is a very simple package that invests a few minutes of the day for free without its online availability. Please use it with full details and depth for those who are interested and for a simple package for those who want to make a simple practice.

It is available everywhere, at no cost, and dedicated volunteers are always called to take advantage of these opportunities and make sure you benefit from this. Everyone on this planet should use it is my wish and my blessing you all should bring some aspect of yoga into your life and live a full life. It doesn't matter if the plague is our way of life, it is a fact.

We must get out of this situation successfully without being overwhelmed by the situation. As human beings we know this, I would also say that in this cycle of the epidemic, the carrier of the virus is man.
So when people get into the concept of yoga it means they have become more aware and not compulsory health. If this happens to control and prevent the epidemic from getting in its way it is in our hands, let's make it happen.

Let's participate in this international yoga day. We will bring yoga into our lives and we will definitely overcome the virus.

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