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How to Become Receptive to Grace

How to Become Receptive to Grace

This is the time of year when Adi Yogi's attention first falls on seven celebrating students… Now, celebrating students. So we are in this month when a person who likes to be overweight, a yogi who is completely unaffected by what is around him is starting to get involved.

Gradually the purpose of sharing his experience begins to blossom this month. From the last day of the full moon to the next… called Gugu Pournima, these are 28 days when Shiva could not pay attention to the prepared Saptarishis, who had taken the simple steps of preparation for 84 years without even a minute to him, and now his attention to his first seven disciples. , separated.

This month is therefore regarded as a month in which even the most ruthless self-sacrifice cannot be ignored
he was moved with pity.

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Someone who had hardened himself so that the world would not touch him was liberated, empathetic, and forced to become a teacher or a crèche with whom he had no intention at all.

So this month is considered a good time to get the grace of the guru. This is a good time to open up to Grace because this is a time when even a self-sacrificing person who anointed himself with the ashes of the dead… in many other important things one pretended to be dead in the world that he was no longer found in the world around him, the people around him.

So this is a good time to look for Grace, this is a good time to make you accept the process. This is a good time to get that attention from Grace. ‘What should I do?’ Always a question. If you do nothing of your own, that is the best way to get it; that you are under you, that is the best way to accept.

The sadhana is designed to get you to work in such a way that in the days of your life you forget who you are, you forget who you are, you forget what your life is about, you just get into what is happening.

That's a great way to welcome Grace. Do you know that you can breathe better if you do not know who you are and what you are? You can see how well people breathe when they are asleep.

You look at their spirit during the day; it goes through various turmoil. Everything that happens in your mind… The more you limit yourself the more you will notice when the breathing process becomes more limited.

When you are asleep… should always happen, but when you are awake, you are there on your way to breathing. So you're just… Like a tree standing here, just being here. Just standing here means, he's not here doing nothing, doing everything he has to do, but just there, just like that.

There is good talk, in the Zen system to allow human consciousness to grow. So when a student goes to the king of Zen and asks ‘What do I have to do to grow spiritually?’ ‘Sweep the floor, chop wood, cook food, that’s all.’

‘Because of this why should I come here, I can do it at home.’ But when it sweeps the floor, it’s your own floor. You can't sweep under the next house if it's dirty, you won't; chopping wood for personal use; cooking only for you and who you consider being your own.

You use all functions to improve who you are, instead of using all functions to melt what you are. This is all the difference, between doing our job, making our karma into slavery, or the process of freedom. Either you get karma or your karma becomes yoga.

That's all.

Either you are doing your job to improve yourself or you are doing your job to melt it. Therefore, sweeping the floor, cooking food, planting a tree not in your area and not you and your children to live under its shade… only you and your children to live under its shade.

Just planting, anyone can sit down. Your enemy can go and enjoy you. You plant a mango tree, your enemy and his children can eat mangoes. ok We don't care who eats, just plant.

Now work is a process of dispersion, otherwise, all jobs are a way to bind yourself.

It's a greedy job, unfortunately. Man's ability to do things, unfortunately, is used to bind himself. So this month is a month of grace. Grace is like the manure of growth, that one can commit to the other side of existence, power, and possibility.

So what should we do using Grace? Nothing to do.

The more you do within yourself and the more you do outside of yourself, the more you find yourself in Grace. Doing things out of the way would not be necessary if you just sat here and did nothing, but that would be impossible, wouldn't it? any type of work or situation should not be a factor in a person's ability to receive and absorb Grace.

If all you wanted was more words, you should have gone to university. I'm sure they can talk more than me, university professors or you can study Vedas or better yet you can read a dictionary, nothing like it, it's all there.


Have you ever tried to read a dictionary from the first page to the last page? Please try again, it is very interesting. Everything is there. Really. So don't come to the grandfather to listen to his words, it's not about the words.

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