/> Going Beyond Morality, Part I



Going Beyond Morality, Part I

Going Beyond Morality

Going Beyond Morality, Part I

That would be ...try to be a moral good to see your, let's say for your children, then you are good to them so that you will know how you should be. 

Are you good at them, on the basis of morality? Someone has said to you, 'you shall not kill your children, is that the reason why you are not going to kill them? 

Are you ok with your kids and did not kill them, because someone has told you that you need to be a good thing to make for your kids which is a good moral standard? Is this the case? 'No.' 

So, why are you so good to them? Why do you love them? Why not someone else?" Hum? 

Because they are our children. Why are they all your kids? They are born with us. Because of this, in some way, that it can be seen as a part of yourself, isn't it? In some ways, you are a part of yourself. 

Even though they are growing up and beat all your enemies, and sometimes, it still is somewhere, as far as you're concerned, that you see them as a part of yourself, that you are able to see past all of his things, all of the problems, and all of their all and still reach out to them, isn't it? 

Just because you see them as part of you. Yes?

That's the only thing, isn't it? So, whatever you feel is part of you, then you don’t need morality obviously. Isn't it? Yes?

Do you understand what I mean? Because you just leave one step at a time and go back to the first step.

So, whatever you feel is part of you, then you don't need good manners. Is that so? You do not have to try to be beautiful. Morality means you're trying to be beautiful, isn't it?

So, yoga means feeling everything as part of you.

At the moment, if you give birth to a baby, most of you may not even know it at the hospital, exchanging your babies with someone else. You bring this baby, this was born from someone else but do you believe this is yours and you love this baby a little?

Your involvement with the child is small? Your DNA isn't there but you still love it? So, it is your determination to get someone to know you.

It's not that it should appear in your body, it's that if you're willing it can be, isn't it?

If you have a better mind you probably took the child and loved this child as much as anyone else.

Why didn't you give birth to your wife or husband, right?

They are born of another person and usually, your husbands are born of that terrible woman called mother-in-law but you love that man, don't you? Isn't it?

So, it's just a question of your determination. If you are willing you can get everything as part of it.

When you experience it all as part of it you don't need morals. When you know the negligence of who you are and what you are not, then you only need morality; otherwise, there is no morality.

Why does a person who sees everyone as he does need a moral compass? By moral standards you are only trying to be good; you will never be beautiful, please look at this.

You can hold your hands but you can't hold your mind, can you? Can you?

You can hold your physical body; can you hold your mind? It goes everywhere and does everything, right?

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