/> Dance Can Become A Sacred, Spiritual Process



Dance Can Become A Sacred, Spiritual Process

A Sacred, Spiritual Process: DANCE

Dance Can Become A Sacred, Spiritual Process

Dance is an abundance of human joy.

In India, all our Gods ... all the Gods worshiped all the gods that dance. Dance tests your balance in many ways - not just to say body balance, your internal balance is also determined.

Michelle Reed: Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask a question today. My question to you Sadhguru, is - do you, according to Indian tradition, have a dance that is considered a medical dance? Or, you know, do you people view dance as something that can have healing properties in it? So, thank you very much, and have a safe trip.

Sadhguru: Namaskaram Michelle. It's amazing to talk to you - dancer (Laughs).

I have to tell you this - my 30-year-old daughter now ... just in her thirties, she is classical ... Indian classical dancer.

It is a very complex and intricate form of dance, which, at the same time, originated in Indian temples as a form of worship, as a means of giving. But today, it is also done on stage.

So, is Indian dance somehow connected with our spirituality, is Indian dance somehow healing, or does it mean more than just entertainment? One hundred percent!

Because all the dancers ... the ancient dancers in India do not regard dance as a form of entertainment; it is treated as a sacred duty and a sacred process.

Well, it is very different from what you have here, but very much, a very complex way of moving and giving and the most complex stories that are produced through dance.

Having said that, I want you to know this - that in India, all our Gods ... all the Gods that are worshiped, are all dancing gods.

If they can't dance, we don't consider them God. How is that for you?

Because dance is about the happiness of your body form. If your health is strong, if your body is in a happy place, you will dance naturally.

What kind of dance can be traditional, but in reality, dance is the pouring out of one's joy. Where life can be poured out, how can you be ... how can that business qualify you to be God? Therefore, all our Gods are dancing Gods.

It is, therefore, deeply rooted in our culture.

But, when we say India, it is not the same thing. India is a large country with over 19,000 languages ​​simultaneously. Every time you walk a few miles, you will see people looking different, eating differently, dressing differently, their culture different, their music and dance different.

So, we ... and we have a problem with how we keep all these things because they're so complex and so broad. But today, very few forms work well, you know, very much in practice, a lot of young people take from them. And it's on stage, attended by people, people even pay to watch these dances.

Therefore, there is every revival of that in this generation.

It is very important to understand that, if your body refuses to dance, it is not whether you can dance or not; it's just a question - do you have the life force that comes from you or not?

Do you have an abundance of life, or are you a complete life? So, bringing this greatness we call dancing into ... at a very young age, it can be very good to bring balance to children as they grow up. Because whatever talents, whatever skills we have ... And dance tests your balance in many ways not just to say body balance, your inner balance is also determined.

If you don't balance, you can't dance.

Therefore, this is very important in all cultures.

It must be returned. And it’s good that you’re bringing back the Native American folk dances, and I just saw your little video.

I wish we had met. Sometimes you have to come here to our center in Tennessee to have fun.

It will be nice to see you dance. I've seen, with all those heavy weights, it must have been quite an effort to do that, but you did it right.

Congratulations and my blessings to you. Let this tradition come to life.

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